We have taken three Dude Ranch Vacations and thought we should share What to Pack for a Dude Ranch Vacation since there is a lot of activities requiring different attire.

As the kids get older, our summer vacations are moving away from the beach. The kids and the parents like to stay active and as much as we love the beach, a week is just too long for this active crew. Last year we took Cruise to Alaska and this year we took a Dude Ranch Vacation.

A far cry from the beach. However, it is hard to pack for since the mornings are cool and the day can be in the ’80s. I thought I would share some things that were essential for our trip.

what to pack for a dude ranch vacation


What to pack for a dude ranch vacation:

-Jeans–Several pairs,  Save one just for evenings as they get very dusty from riding
-Lightweight, breathable shirts (I prefer anything with a SPF rating)
-Riding boots with a 1″ heel and smooth sole
-Light windproof jacket and fleece jacket
-Long socks for riding, wool or wool blend is ideal  My husband found out the hard way these are a must.
-Rain jacket and fleece jacket
-Cowboy/ cowgirl hat

what to pack for a dude ranch vacation

Accessories and Other Items to pack for a dude ranch vacation
-Day backpack– if you plan on hiking
-Comfortable clothing (yoga or relaxing)
-Socks (wool or wool blend; feel the best)
-Gloves and warm hat (chilly mornings and evenings)
-Insect repellent
-Lip balm with sunblock
-Flashlight -our ranch provided them in the cabins, but it gets dark

-Camera and memory card– WE used our phones the most.

Whenever I travel for a couple of days, I pack a disposable razor that I can throw out at my destination. However, all disposable razors are not created equal.

what to pack for a dude ranch vacation

What are your favorite things that you travel with ?

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