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I posted a few weeks ago about the Spring Events happening at Kings Dominion and for my boys spring break we spent a wonderful day exploring the park for the first time. We thought we would share with you a few tips and things to expect when visiting Kings Dominion, a wonderful place for thrill-seekers as well as people watchers!

This is a nice way of saying those like myself who do not like thrill rides. What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park should make this amusement park experience easier.

 What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park

What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park

Kings Dominion Tickets

How to get Free King Dominion Passes and Two Parks for Price of One Soak City Kings Dominion.

What to Bring To Kings Dominion

I was not sure what to expect at Kings Dominion and not sure what I could pack or how big of a backpack I could carry into the park. Most rides don’t accommodate a backpack or large purse. No worries these rides have locked bins where you can store your things.


Of course, Kings Dominion is not responsible for lost or stolen items. My son lost his hat and we received a call the next day from security saying they had the hat. What a relief!! You can also rent a locker, this is a must especially if you plan on using visiting Soak City during your visit.

King Dominion Rides

While there are plenty of thrill rides, trust me I did one and that was it for me. However, the boys enjoyed all the ones they could, based on their height. They do offer height bands but personally I thought the kiosk was hard to find, we actually missed it when we walked in but did get some at our second ride.

I love the idea of height bands because there is no question of what ride your child is tall enough to ride.

What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park Planet Snoopy

My boys thought they were too old for Planet Snoopy. The discovered otherwise. Younger and shorter guests can spend an entire day just in Planet Snoopy. There are actually rides I might consider scary myself, based on the height of the ride,  but perfect for the smaller child not yet ready for a thrill ride.

What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park Planet Snoopy

This area was packed with younger children but we never had to wait that long for a ride. My boys actually enjoyed many of the rides in there and it was perfect after a big lunch to allow their bellies to digest.

 What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park Planet Snoopy

Food options at Kings Dominion

As far as lunch, expect to spend around $10- 15 for a combo meal at the restaurants. You can not bring in any food so if you rather not pay amusement park rides, pack a picnic.

Eat your meal out by the car. Kings Dominion does offer a few different Dining Plans as well. From one meal to a full season you might find a deal that fits your budget and your belly.

What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park places to eat at Kings Dominion 

Kings Dominion Water Park

We did not hit any of the park water rides there, it was not quite warm enough. Plan on wearing clothes that will dry fast. Jeans are probably not a good option on the water rides.

Obviously, if you head to Soak City pack a bathing suit, suntan lotion, and towel. We hope to hit the park again this summer to explore that area that is being renovated.

 What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park

Take a look at our video for some live shots of a few of the kids’ favorite rides too.

We hope this post about What to Expect At Kings Dominion Amusement Park makes your next trip a breeze.