We are all guilty of telling our kids to stay off technology and then they find one of their parents on their phones or iPad doing work. It feels like a contradiction but I am usually doing something for the blog and not just searching Facebook. Well we had the perfect Sunday Afternoon this past weekend where even though I had my phone with us, it could truly only be used for taking photos as we had no service. It was the perfect Day trip from Richmond, VA.


We started our adventure Sunday am and headed to a Spring Valley Orchards where it was a first for me also. We went cherry picking. Stay tuned for some cherry recipes coming to the blog really soon. The weather was perfect and we came home with over 5 lbs of cherries which does not sound like a lot but there are a lot in one pound.


The dog also got to come and it was a challenge to keep her from eating fallen cherries.

We then cruised the back roads of Central Virginia, such amazing scenery and went on a hike to Crabtree Falls Trail, a kid and dog friendly trail. I had no idea we had falls in Virginia. Crabtree Falls, the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River, is a popular attraction in Nelson County Virginia. It is a vertical hike with many steep steps and a rocky trails toward the top but our family, dog included had no trouble doing the 3 mile hike.


Don’t let the idea of a vertical hike deter you, there are over looks to rest very often. Even if you are in great shape, you are going to want to stop, at least on the way up to take notice of the glorious views. It is also nice and shaded, just bring your own water in as the kids needed it.


As I mentioned before, we were truly unplugged, this was my phone at the bottom of the hill, look no service. One text came thru at the top of the trail but that was it.


Despite how busy our summer schedules become, find time to get out and enjoy the amazing scenery of our country. Charlie kept saying this is hard to believe this close to our house, well 2 hours but well worth it.


This is the perfect day trip from Richmond and there are plenty of pick your own places in Central Virginia that you are sure to catch a seasonal fruit.

Happy Summer You all.