Thanks to Hershey Park for hosting our Family for the Weekend. All opinions are our own

Warning: if you do not care for Chocolate you might as well just pass up this post. My family had the opportunity to explore truly the Sweetest Place on Earth, Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, PA.

This is considered the visitors center for Hershey, PA and I know why. You are truly engulfed with the sweetness of the chocolate-making process but the amazing history surrounding this company and the good works of Milton Hershey.

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chocolate world

 Hershey’s Chocolate World : Truly the Sweetest Place on Earth


Where to Eat at Hershey World

We fueled up with an amazing breakfast at the Hershey Lodge of what else Chocolate Chip Pancakes, real maple syrup and Hershey Chocolate Milk, Kids portions plenty big.

My daughter asked for a kids version of the Smores French Toast and they graciously made it for her. Plenty big for an adult in my opinion. Now off to Hershey’s Chocolate World, for more Chocolate.

                  Hershey Lodge Breakfast Hershey Lodge Breakfast


What is the cost of Hershey World

During our visit, there was some construction going on so I am not sure how much of the building we missed but we had an amazing time. There is no entry fee for entering Chocolate World. If you just want to take the Chocolate tour and hang out in the massive store, there is no charge.

We were provided tickets for 3 amazing experiences, Chocolate Tasting, 4D movie and the Make your own Candy Bar experience. You can spend a few hours at Chocolate World if you chose to do all the activities. You can also buy chocolate experiences in a package to save money.



Chocolate Adventure Ride.

First the Chocolate Adventure Ride. Like mentioned this is a free ride at Hershey’s Chocolate World. This is where we learned so much about Milton Hershey and is generous contributions to the area and private school for the disadvantaged child. (Which is still an active school today)

This was truly an educational ride as well. We had no idea what went into making one chocolate bar. WOW. Plus you get a free sample at the end!! It is all about chocolate right.

chocolate world tour

Chocolate Tasting

We then proceeded to the Chocolate Tasting Experience. I enjoy chocolate but never before did I taste it this way. Who thinks to actually melt the bars in your mouth and not BITE. I

t was like a wine tasting in which you went from the milk to the dark chocolate and examined the flavors. The kids had a blast as the instructor was quite entertaining and now they might even appreciate chocolate a little more!

Chocolate world tasting adventure

Hershey Chocolate World Movie

We immediately proceeded to Chocolate World’s 4D movie. If you have not been to a 4D movie you must try one. I will not give away what you experience but there is touch and smell in this one. Plus it is interactive so my little guy got a shout out for his Birthday. He was in awe the rest of the day, the Hershey Bar said happy birthday.

4d movie chocolate world


Make your Own Chocolate Bars at Hershey World

Our final stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World was the make your own Chocolate Bar. I really did not know what to expect for this experience. First getting put into our “factory gear” was so entertaining I knew we were getting an upfront look.

I am amazed at how computerized this process really was. You sign in to a computer with your ticket and you get to pick the type of chocolate base, white, dark or milk, and then three fillers. Our day we had choices of chocolate chips, raspberry, pretzel bites, almonds, heath pieces and maybe one more I forget.

create bar

Then you can follow your candy bar through the whole process. So fun to watch. Before you grab your bar, you then design the cover. It has been 2 weeks and no one has been brave enough to take a bite out of their chocolate bar. It thinks they are too pretty to eat!!

So next time you are passing near Hershey PA be sure and check out Hershey World. It would be a great stop on a road trip to keep the kids distracted from the drive.

Hershey World