Traveling with kids is never easy, especially considering all the things you need to pack.   Here are some  packing tips for traveling with kids

Maybe I will get lucky and win, but I wish we could travel more as a family but with three kids plane tickets can become expensive. Not to mention the luggage fee the airlines are now charging. Having durable luggage that is the right size to use as carrying on is the key to keeping travel costs down, not to mention avoiding the nightmares of lost luggage.

Traveling with kids can be exciting but also stressful if you are not prepared. Get the kids involved in the process and use these 7 packing tips for traveling with kids.

packlng tips for traveling with kids

With the spring breaks coming up I am thinking about investing in some good luggage for the family that should last them until they are adults. I recently posted tips for traveling with kids but what is the best way to pack?



7 Tips for Packing Luggage with Kids


  1. Give the kids a list of items to pack (they are most likely to wear the clothes if they pick them out
  2. Have an adult look over the selections
  3. Roll the clothes instead of laying them flat
  4. Pack all liquids and gel in a Ziplock bag and keep at the top of your suitcase or an outside pocket to be easily removed during security.
  5. Pack snacks for the plane ride
  6. Pack a day’s worth of clothes, medicine etc if you are checking your luggage just in case.
  7. Bring extra plastic or Ziploc bags for dirty or soiled laundry.


How often do you arrive at your hotel before your room is ready and your kids need to get their travel giggles out?


Place a prepacked packing cube filled with swimsuits or any attire for them to get some energy out at your destination on the top layer of your clothes and you can just pull it out when you arrive.

Trust me everyone will be happier than waiting around a lobby. These will also help keep you organized by being able to separate certain easy to reach items.


Split up your kids’ clothes into smaller bags with the Ziploc Space Bags. You can add so much more in these than if you just placed them in your suitcase. Once you arrive at your hotel, you can then hang them up.


What are your favorite Packing Tips when Traveling with Kids?