The Best Summer Camp Packing List is essential when getting your kids off.  Summer is coming and that means kids will be packing up for summer camp. It can be overwhelming to pack for multiple kids at the same time. Although knowing you might have a few free days in the house without kids is all worth it.

Many camps are located on rivers, bays and in the mountains so packing natural products is something I look for when picking my kids toiletries. I know one camp where the kids actually bathe in the river so they need eco-friendly products.

summer camp packing list The Best Summer Camp Packing List

When shopping at Target for my kids camp supplies, I went directly to the section that sells Tom’s of Maine Made to Matter Collection. Find great deals on Tom’s OF Maine Made to Matter Collection from Target’s cartwheel offer.

 If you have never heard of this selection of Tom’s of Maine Made to Matter Collection, it  consists of:   summer camp packing list

    • Luminous White Toothpaste: Their most advanced natural whitening toothpaste that is safe for enamel, and is gluten and paraben free
    • Wicked Cool!! Deodorant: Their 1st natural deodorant made just for boys and girls, providing 24-hour odor protection and free of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances.
    • North Woods Men’s Antiperspirant: Their first natural antiperspirant made for men that provides all day odor and wetness protection without petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, or irritation

summer camp packing list

Free Printable Packing list

I not only choose this brand for my kids camp but I like to know I am not exposing my kids to unneeded chemicals. I am confident they will get the necessary benefits of these toiletries the natural way. Even though Earth Day has passed one needs to consider the environment all year long.

To help you with the packing process this summer, I have come up with this camp packing list that the kids and parents can both use. My kids are always asking for packing lists when we take trips,  you can also customize them for your shorter trips with kids.

Pack List for Summer Camp

summer camp packing list

What would you add to this summer camp packing list?

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