Headed to the historic Williamsburg area  in Virginia or maybe you plan on taking a plunge on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens and wondering where to stay in WIlliamsburg, VA? We have the hotel for your family. After our visit to Christmastown we spent the night at the Williamsburg Lodge.  My boys had a lacrosse Tournament in Virginia beach the next day so we thought we would take an hour off their travel the next day instead of driving back to Richmond. Here is where to stay in Williamsburg Virginia

where to stay in williamsburg

Arriving late we that night we did not realize just how close this location is to Colonial Williamsburg. In a dorm like setting we were placed in a very large room that accommodated all 5 of us. It consisted of 2 queen beds, and a queen pull out couch. There was also a separate toilet and sink area. More than ample room for our quick visit and much larger than any other room we could probably find locally.
where to stay in williamsburg
Our room was filled with replica antique post beds. Warning, the coverlet covers the end posts and I hit my leg at least twice before throwing it on the floor. Ironically before our visit, I had read on Trip Advisor that someone else reported hitting himself and I went ahead and did it myself. The beds were decent and had the amenities needed for a few nights stay, especially if you goal is to explore the Williamsburg area. It’s sister property, Williamsburg Inn, is much nicer, up-scaled property,and probably caters to couples more so than the Lodge. Either property allows access to the fitness center, pool and spas at either property.

There is a decent restaurant on property of the Williamsburg Lodge. We had the breakfast buffet which was $10 for kids under 12 and 15 for adults. Less for the continental breakfast which I chose. The service was good as well. My daughter was concerned there were not any pancakes left and the serve insisted he would take care of her.

shuttle to busch gardens
If you plan on hitting Busch Gardens, The Williamsburg Lodge has a free shuttle service to and from the park. We did not use it so I am not sure of the schedule but would definitely worth looking into if you don’t have free parking at the parks. We used the shuttle service at Hershey Park and it got us right to the front door.


Take a left out of the front door of the Lodge and you walk right into Colonial  Williamsburg and merchant’s square. (shopping and restaurant area). This could not be a more perfect location to take a break from the sites just steps away. If you plan on going this holiday season you will really enjoy looking at all the amazing natural wreaths of Colonial Williamsburg.

One complaint, our room had no sound barrier. At one point I opened our door to ask the people I heard speaking loudly to please take their conversation into their room to find that they were in fact in their rooms. We did not complain as I am sure we woke up our neighbors at 5:00am when my boys left for their tournament.

So if you are looking for a functional property that is in a prime location, Check out the Williamsburg Lodge.