Spring Breaks and summer vacations are in many parents radar right now. The snow will hopefully be melting and you will be heading out with the family to see the sights within driving distances. As a parent you know you can never be over prepared for those sometimes dreaded roar trips we volunteer to take our kids, whether it is to see family, education or an adventure. It is guaranteed that before we even head out of our neighborhood some child is begging for food, to put the movie on or another sibling is intruding in their space. Take a deep breath and if there is one thing you can control it is the snacks you have available  One stop at your CVS can provide your with some great road trip must haves in one stop. Best thing you can probably find one conveniently located off many expressways too.

familyVacationStackedCarThanks to the folks at CVS for providing us with a bunch of flavorful and good for you snacks that will keep both the kids and parent satisfied.


CVS has a great assortment of Gold Emblem Products to choose from both at the stores and online.


Every family has different taste buds but we have come up a list of road trip must haves:


  1. Bottled Water is so much better than sodas and sugar filled drinks
  2. Disinfecting WipesFace it you don’t know what the bathrooms will be like
  3. Movies- borrow some from friends or use red box and research return locations along the way
  4. Nuts-  protein is so important when putting a rein on hunger. Add some chocolate covered ones for treats
  5. Veggie Chips are a great alternative to chips the kids crave
  6. Pretzels are a low fat snack
  7. Gum to keep the driver engaged
  8. Baby Wipes -there will be spills
  9. Plastic grocery bags are great for trash collection
  10. Gallon size ziploc bags hold in odors from smelly snacks and messes
  11. Technology chargers– something my parents did not worry about.
  12. make a list of fun road trip games :  I Spy, 20 Questions, License Plate game of the states
  13. Antacid tablets– fast food can be an issue
  14. Cooler filled with fresh fruits like sliced apples, grapes and carrots


What would you add to this list of Road Trip Must Haves?