More people are taking to their cars this summer instead of flying.  Road trips can be fun with just a little pre-trip car maintenance. If you are taking a road trip vacation this summer or fall,  outside of the regular packing responsibilities we need to do some preventative car maintenance too.

driving Vacations tips

Preventative Car Maintenance For Driving Vacations

car road trip tips

  1. CHECK YOUR TIRES.  Our wear on our tires was uneven. The mechanic suggested the alignment was not done when the new tires were installed, causing the irregular wearing of the tires.

I could not believe that was not part of the installation process and my tires got worn due to a simple step that I think should be part of the regular installation. My husband and I are not comfortable riding cross country without new tires. 



When Looking for new tires, be sure to ask about any Tire Installation Packages they may offer. Not only is the price worth talking about but look what else is included in this deal: 

  • Tire Mounting
  • Tire Lifetime Balancing
  • Tire Lifetime Rotation
  • A Value Stem
  • No Charge Tire Lifetime Flat Repair
  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Service


road trip car maintence


1) Check tires
2) Get oil checked
3) Check your tire treads
3) Check your tire pressure
4) Rotate tires if necessary
5) Fill your washer fluid
6) Check Your Spare Tire
7) Get Driving Directions
8) Research your route for possible stops
9) Pack your car with these driving vacations must-haves. 
10) Pack up road trip activity kits for the kids.