Just as important as it is to get away with your husband, I feel getting some quality time with your girlfriends ranks pretty high as well.  What to Pack on your Next Girls Weekend Getaway post contains affiliate links that do not affect your pricing at all? 

Whether you picked a Girls weekend that involves a college reunion or just a fun new city to explore or maybe wine and spa getaway, the choices are endless.  Of course, the big question is what should I pack for your Girls Weekend Getaway.  

First things first, make sure you empty your purses and purge all the kid stuff like pacifiers, wipes and library cards.

What to pack for a girls weekend

Here are some of our Girls Weekend Getaway Destinations:


What To Pack for a Girls Weekend To New York City

Best Girls Weekend Getaway In Virginia

Best Girls Weekend Getaway In Northern Virginia


Streamline your suitcase ladies.  Remember you are the only one responsible for getting it in the overhead or dragging it on a train. 

This is a crazy but fun month as I will be headed away for 2 girl weekends. Shh let’s not remind the husband that he becomes full-time dad for those weekends full of athletic games, birthday parties etc.

So you have chosen your destination, whether it is a planned reunion or just a fun getaway with the girls for shopping or spa retreats, now the next big question is what to pack for your Girls Weekend Getaway.  This post may contain affiliate links that help support our blog!

So much of the attire depends completely on the location and temperature so these are just basic guidelines or a checklist to get you started. Remember, there is no hubby or boyfriend around to carry your massive full size bag, you need to be independent and able to strut around town looking glamorous but not overwhelmed with luggage.

What to Pack on your Next Girls Weekend Getaway

  1. First, of course, is an appropriately sized carry-on bag. To save on Airport fees and back pain find one that is small enough to fit in the overhead of a plane.
  2. Have a few clothes items that pack easily and don’t have to be ironed. Ideally, ones that you can roll up and pack.
  3. Shoes are the hardest for me. I try to wear the biggest pair while traveling and pack the smaller flats, gym shoes, and flip flops. Don’t pack the cowboy boots they will take up half your bag.
  4. Pack your makeup bag with the basics with you. Remember hotels have shampoos and conditioners and blow dryers so only pack the hair products you really need.
  5. If you plan on checking your bag, I like to pack my makeup bag and one outfit in a carry on. Just in case. You will also have your makeup handy for a touch up before you make it to your destination.
  6. Have your travel outfit. You are most likely not going to be on the same flight with the same people so don’t feel bad by wearing the same clothes you wore to your destination. It saves on luggage. If that grosses you out, wear the same jeans and just bring a new top.
  7. Be sure and download any music or books before you head out. If you wait for the airport or car, it is not going to happen due to a lack of WI-FI or just poor connection. You can find great Kindle Book Deals Here.
  8. Leave a little room for souvenirs for the kids. Even though it’s a girls’ weekend getaway,  I always say they don’t need anything but when the other moms start buying stuff I end up getting them something little too.
  9. Snacks are so important. You never want to get stuck hungry and not having any good options. I love KIND bars, they are full of nutrition and packed with protein without the sugar. They come in some really fun flavors that involve dark chocolate. The KIND bars, made of whole nuts & fruit and/or spice, are an excellent source of heart-healthy fats, protein and fiber to keep you going – Forgot to buy some while shopping you can get them fro Barneys, to Bloomingdales to Lord & Taylor!!
  10. Pack for cooler weather with a cardigan or light jacket that will go with all of your outfits.
  11. Don’t forget to pack your chargers. You are getting away from technology buy there is a good chance you will be getting a frantic call about a lost soccer cleat. I like to store mine in plastic bags or old makeup bag so I can keep track of them. Consider portable chargers too.
  12. Be sure and have some hand sanitizer always on hand while traveling. Who knows who has touched that door handle last. I love these small size Purell Portable 1 fl. oz. JELLY WRAPβ„’ Carriers are perfect for travel and people-on-the-go
  13. Pack your jewelry while choosing your outfits. Then place them in your makeup case. How many times have I gotten to a destination and forgot any jewelry. Don’t go over board and keep the nice stuff at home but a few pieces of costume jewelry will get you from day time to evening with little effort and space in your bag.
  14. Always have lip balm on hand. All that shopping and flights can cause your lips to get dry. Have you heard of Chap Stuff Balm? Applied on dry lips, cheeks, and virtually any chapped parts, this effective balm is a true savior. It’s chemical-free and packed with essential oils, vitamins, and natural and organic ingredients that are safe for both babies and adults.



I picked up these cute little bags for my girlfriends with a few things I always want to have on hand while traveling.

girls weekend getaway



What are your must haves for a girls weekend getaway?