For the last three summers, my husband and I have had the pleasure of sending the kids off to sleepover camp. Last two years, we sent all three kids. I did not say that too enthusiastically, did I? We probably held on too long to agree to send our daughter and then easily sent our youngest as soon as they would accept him. 

However, there is a lot of preparation to get the kids out the door, even for the 6 days of freedom. While most overnight camps provide a packing check list, we thought we would highlight tips for sending your kids off to camp. 


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The Overnight Camp Packing List



Our overnight camp provides a checklist and suggested packing list, so thanks to a tip from a friend, I label large Ziploc bags with their items. For Example 5 t-shirts, 5-shorts etc. This way when they pack up at the end of the week, the child and camp counselor will know what should be in there.



Of course, most kids have the same brand name clothes at this age and unless you label them correctly, you are bound to bring home the kid in the bunk next to your child’s instead of yours. When I was growing up, I remember my mom having to tediously iron on all the labels.

Thanks to Mabel’s Labels, their customizable products are laundry, dishwasher & microwave-safe and 100% guaranteed. Of course not guaranteed to get the things back that you labeled, just to stay on!


This year we ordered the Limited Edition Camp Label Pack for the kids. You can easily customize them by color, logo and font. We went with a neutral color so both my sons and daughter can use them to differentiate their stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.04.08 PM

Don’t just label clothes

We use camp labels for everything on our Camping list. Mabel’s Labels are perfect for clothes, swim gear, backpacks, shoes, toiletries, sleeping bags, and even laundry bags. We label our sunscreen, bug spray you name it.


This set comes with shoe tags as well as a metal bag tag perfect for kids backpacks all year long.


Overpack the essentials:

Send more sunscreen than you think. I rather have them bring full bottles home than bring home a horrible sunburn.

Bring a large garbage bag when you pick them up from Camp:

You can never be too sure what will be waiting for you when you come for pick up. Have an extra garbage bag to throw any severely dirty or wet items home. (Not for use on your kids)


Print one of these adorable camp packing list printables we found on Pinterest.


Girls Camp Packing List

Summer Camp Packing list 

General Camp Packing List 

What is on your camp packing list?