Money Saving Tips For When You Book A Disney Cruise are simple but requires some planning. My family has been blessed with our third Disney Cruise over New Years. That is why I really was not that active this past week on our blog.
While I am not an expert on the subject I find myself a seasoned traveler and planner on this particular cruise line. Before you buy your Cruise vacation I thought I would share some money-saving Tips for Taking A Disney Cruise and how to save money before you buy.

Money Saving tips for a Disney Cruise


Money Saving Tips For When You Book A Disney Cruise

Tips on Finding the best deals on a Disney Cruise

  1. Book early and book off season. I know these are not always realistic especially if you have children in school. Summer and school holidays are going to be the highest priced time. If you know those are the only times you can travel, book at least a year in advance for the best deals.
  2. Travel to another port for your departure: right now Disney is trying to promote departures from Miami and TX. Maybe you don’t need to go to the park and the cruise on one trip, then you can check out those itineraries for deals. It may be worth the extra travel.
  3. Use A Disney Specific Travel Agent: Disney offers to book directly on their website but I have used a Disney specific travel agent and received better in-room credits that what was offered online. The prices of the cabin are the same but extra perks on board are helpful plus you have the assistance of a certified disney travel agent. 7 Night Caribbean Cruises from $154 per night, on Disney Cruises only at! 50% Off D
Money Saving tips for a Disney Cruise

Finding the best room location:

Before you book a particular room, search the exact room number on your ship on google for reviews. No use spending thousands of dollars on a room above the night club. Hopefully you are using a qualified agent to help you with this as well. is a great source of tips on room choices amongst other things.


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How to save Money before you board your Disney Cruise:

1. Pack your own libations:  Disney is one of the only cruise lines without a casino on board and they allow you to bring on your own alcohol. If you like mixed drinks by the pool or before dinner, pack a bottle in your carry on and make your drinks in your rooms. Disney offers free unlimited sodas and lemonade which will serve as your mixers. They also have a fridge in each room where you can store other mixers.

Disney Cruise Line

2. If you have a large group traveling together, we have used private transportation to the ports. While it is convenient to have Disney pick you up in their buses, you can save $$ on private services or car rentals plus have more control on your arrival times. Find reviews on line before booking a car service as you don’t want to miss your boat!! Renting a car and having the car company shuttle you back to the port is another option.

3.  Buy your own bottled water for the room. We easily drink a case of bottled water during our 4 and 6 night Disney cruises. It is nice not to have to leave the room to get water or just bring them along at your ports. Disney does offer cases of water to be delivered to your room, but more expensive than $4 case from Walgreens. We just pack them in a large fabric shopping bag or duffel and adhere our baggage tag, so far we have seen them arrive each time.

4. Travel Insurance: all the reviews say to buy non-Disney travel insurance but it was just easier for the people purchasing our fares to add it on. If you have the time to research benefits it may be worth looking into.

Money Saving tips for a Disney Cruise

5. Get to the cruise terminal early:  you can usually board by noon and that gives you more time and lunch on board than arriving closer to embarkation time.

No need paying for the day and not enjoying it. Plus the pools are usually empty then. Pack a carry on bag with swimsuits and sunscreen in case your rooms are not ready.

They have characters there while you wait so take advantage of the photo ops before arriving on board. Have your camera ready at all times. They love taking photos of you but it is not cheap!!!



After reading many of these amazing comments I thought I would share that the camp is open to age 3 and up. Childcare for a fee is available to younger children. However, you do have to pre-reserve so you lose the spontaneity of the child wishing to run off to camp.

Having gone on my first cruise when my youngest was one year old and now with my youngest being 6, we enjoyed the freedom of having no children quite often.

They could check themselves into camp, we did not allow them to check themselves out. It was more of a relaxing trip for both parents and children this way. If your child is under 3, by only a few months and is potty trained they will allow them into the clubs if there is room and they are first observed!!

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Money Saving tips for a Disney Cruise

What are your money-saving tips for a Disney Cruise?