My family carries around a black cloud when it comes to visiting amusement parks. The past couple of times we have visited an amusement park it had rained at some point during our visit.

However, nothing tops our recent trip to Legoland Florida and I decided to share our tips of how to survive Legoland Florida in the rain.

I was provided free admission to the park for the day but all the opinions are 100% my own. Be sure to check out Legolands Rain Policy Florida

How to Survive Legoland Florida in the Rain

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How to Survive Legoland Florida in the Rain

Be sure to check the weather when you head out to an amusement park, especially when flying and you can only pack but so much. However, this weekend that turned into a bust.

The temperature in Orlando, Florida for our Legoland Florida adventure was 44 degrees, (without windchill) and nonstop rain. The original forecast was in the 60’s. (still not great but doable)

I had suggested in my post about what to pack when traveling to amusement parks to purchase ponchos. Well, these were definitely put to the test. As a last-minute thought for this trip, I found some dollar store ponchos we had purchased years ago for our other trips to amusement parks.

While they were not made as well as those you can purchase at the parks, they kept us mostly dry.


How to Survive Legoland Florida in the Rain

We had to dress in many layers and be sure and cover your gear under the poncho as well. No one wants drenched pack backs and snacks.

If you can handle the wet weather, it is actually not a bad time to visit Legoland. The crowds are down leaving only school groups and those who are in the area only for a short time.

While most of the rides are outdoors here, you can find some shelter while in line. Which you won’t be in very long per the point above.


How to Survive Legoland Florida in the Rain

Where to go to keep Dry and warm

The best place to warm up and get a break from the weather is in the back of the park, the imagination center. Here you can build cars and test them on a track, test your building ability with an earthquake simulator or sign up for free building classes.

These classes are 45 minutes long so it will definitely give you a break. Due to the small crowds, there were plenty of spaces in all the classes offered. I have read other blog posts to head there first to sign up so I guess it just depends on the day you visit.

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Bennett opted out of this experience so off we were into the cold weather.

Another place to escape the cold is to find an eatery that has indoor tables. There are several around the park and will also give you that needed break from the cold. If it is just rainy and you brought your lunch, there is a covered area in the imagination world that you can eat.

Another place to find shelter from the rain is the stores. Not only will your LEGO lover be occupied checking out all of the stuff, but we also found one with a mini-movie theatre, chairs and all. It was showing a Star Wars Lego show at the time.

There are also 4D movies available through out the day that make a great escape from any type of weather. Be sure and grab a schedule of events when you enter the park.


What to do in the rain at Legoland Florida

Surprisingly the water skiing show, the pirate,  was still performing. I felt so sorry for those folks in the water. Once again, you can find shelter from the rain in that theatre and wait out the weather. Unfortunately for us, it never got better.

One of the downfalls of the bad weather is that fact some of the rides may not be working. Fortunately, my son was more interested in seeing the built models that he was not disappointed by this.

Collectively we both really enjoyed the mini-figure cities. you could spend a good hour just walking around the different areas and seeing all the amazing details in each “city” scape. there were even buttons to engage the eager visitors. Just beware some of these shoots out water!!

star wars legos

What to wear in the rain at Legoland Florida

It is debatable if wearing gym shoes and socks or Keens are better on a wet amusement park day. On the one hand you covered feet, but once the socks get wet you are out of luck.

On the cold day we had, I needed the socks and shoes but wish I brought an extra pair of socks. The following day, it was a little warmer but a lot more rain, I wore waterproof sandals and glad I did. All the puddles around the parks would have left my feet wet and cold.

How to Survive Legoland Florida in the Rain

Hopefully, you will have better weather when visiting Legoland Florida, but if not be sure and take some of these tips on how to survive Legoland in the rain. Being 7 and thrilled to be out of school and away from his siblings for the weekend, did not dampen his fun. Check out Legolands Rain Policy before you decide to go.

How to Survive Legoland Florida in the Rain

how to survive Legoland in the Rain