Four Travel Safety Tips For Protecting Valuables

This is a sponsored post on Travel Safety Tips For Protecting Valuableswas written by me on behalf of Master Lock for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

No matter what type of traveler you are, your valuables are at risk and we have some travel safety tips you need. Whether you are a casual road trip traveler or a frequent flier there are some tips you need to keep your valuables safe while traveling.

Knock on wood, we have not had any issues of stolen items during our travels but I definitely have friends that have experienced theft while traveling. There is nothing worse than losing your wallet or wedding ring while on a trip. For Everything Worth Protecting While Traveling, you’ve got Master Lock!

Travel Safety Tips For Protecting Valuables

1. Public transportation or Sightseeing Safety Tips

keep your important valuables like passports, money, and camera directly on you just in case. This is one of the most used and best travel safety tips you will hear. 

2.Protect any items you leave behind. :

Maybe you are staying at a hotel or a rental home with maid service. If they don’t have a safe you might want to buy yourself a Portable Combination Safe It’s convenient size,  keeps your cell phone, money, keys, jewelry, credit cards or other small valuables secure while traveling, at work, on-campus or at the gym.

Look for a portable safe that is also water-resistant construction helps keep your small belongings protected, and the durable cable can be wrapped securely around a fixed object or serve as a carrying handle.

We have been at the beach at a rental home in the past and the owners had workers come by to fix something. IT would have been nice to know our items we did not want to lose at the beach were safely locked up in the house.

More Tips for Travel Safety

travel safe

3. Lock any checked bags:  

My husband is a stickler about not checking bags. Mainly he does not want the airlines to lose our luggage or hold us up at our destination. We recently took a ski trip and did not have enough room in our carry on luggage for all the ski equipment. It would have been nice to have had a Master Lock Luggage lock model No 4680DBLK, to protect the borrowed ski equipment. Locking checked bags is a great travel safety tip to always follow. 


Buy a TSA approved luggage lock that offers on-the-go security.  One that has easy-to-use combination lock that affixes to your luggage. Affordable and reliable solution keeps your valuables protected whether you’re en route to your destination, such as checking your bags at the airport, or once you’ve arrived and your luggage is stored in your hotel room.



master suitcase

4. Make copies of important documents  

Just in case something happens, make photocopies of your passport, credit cards, ATM cards, and tickets.

Both the safe and luggage lock are super easy to change the combination. Just be sure to write it down somewhere!! Take away one stress while traveling and use these travel safety tips to keep your luggage and belongings safe while on the road. 


Pin this for your next Vacation so you can keep your valuables safe!


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  1. Scott

    We always make sure to hide them well if we’re not wearing them. Never had an issue (fingers crossed!).

  2. Janeane Davis

    As we approach the summer travel season, it is important to learn how to keep our valuables safe and secure. These tips will help make vacations and trips happier and safer.

  3. Lory

    These are all great tips. We are frequent travelers and keeping ourselves and valuables safe is so important. I love the idea of the little safe.

  4. Cynthia L

    What great tips. I have looked at the locks that you are talking about, but haven’t purchased them yet. I will be heading out of town in about a month, so I think I will have to go and check them out.

  5. Angela

    This I need. I have had things go missing from a hotel room before. It’s such an awful feeling.

  6. Censie

    What a great idea. Totally going to invest in one of these. My husband travels for work a lot. It would be a great thing for him to use.

  7. Crystal

    That lock is a great idea! Great tips! I’m taking a flight today, actually, so they’re very timely. No checked bags, though, as I’ll be back on Monday.


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