As one of the greatest cities in the world, New York is home to many things you can think of as well as things you have never considered. If you are visiting the Big Apple for the first time, here are some things you should know, basically a Places to Visit in New York (First Timers New York City Guide Book). Hope this helps first-time visitors to NYC. We personally have been to NYC several times both alone with friends, as a couple and as a family with small kids. There is definitely something for every age group, it is just important to plan ahead for the best experience. 

Places to Visit in New York

Our New York City Guide for first timers

What is NYC Like?

The city is busy and has iconic landmarks, a world-renowned park, and a superb nightlife. Here are some facts you might not know about NYC:

Places to Visit in New York New York City Guide for First timers

–          The traffic is often gridlocked, which means you are better off walking and exploring on foot

–          The city is not as big as Paris or London

–          You will find very tall buildings in NYC and more than 6,000 skyscrapers

When to Go to NYC

You should go right now but if you like to plan things, visit New York during Christmas season. However, most people visit the city at this time, meaning that it is very busy. If you prefer to visit during the off-season when the crowds are fewer, you should stay away from the Big Apple during the holidays.

What is the Weather Like?

It is a city of extremes: when it is hot, it can be extremely hot but when it is cold, it will be freezing. During the summer, temperatures can go up to 32 degrees Celsius, which gives you a good reason to visit Central Park. However, if you are visiting during the winter, make sure to pack your thermals because the temperatures can drop to below freezing.

How Long Should You Stay?

The better question would be how long have you got? Coming to New York for a day trip is practically impossible because there is too much to see. However, a short weekend trip might be doable if you stick to the main sights only. If you want to see all the major tourist attractions, take at least 5 days off work to allow yourself to see the nightlife, day life, and recover.

Places to Visit in New York New York City Guide for First timers

Getting around NYC

If you want to use the subway to travel from one place to the other, get a MetroCard and you can choose from three types, depending on how many times you plan to use it. Make sure that you check whether your train is an express train to avoid missing the important stops along the way. Buses are cheap but you also need a MetroCard to use them.

Places to Visit in New York New York City Guide for First Timers

You can also hail a yellow cab on the street by waving your arm. However, you should know that you will pay what the meter says, so keep an eye on it. Moreover, the ubiquitous traffic in New York can drive the cost of riding in a taxi up. If you want to see the Manhattan skyline, consider taking a boat trip around the area.

Where to Stay

If you are in NYC for a short time, you need to stay close to all the action in Manhattan. If you have the cash to spare, think about staying in five-star hotels such as the Pierre Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, consider the Wellington Hotel, which is only a stone’s throw away from Central Park. Once you settle into your room, you can sign up for a hop-on, hop-off bus tour, which will come in handy if you want to see the major landmarks.

Are you staying longer than a week? Find cheaper accommodation options because hotels in the city can be costly. Consider staying with a friend if possible. Consider buying some of these guidebooks for New York City: