Thanks to the Great Wolf Lodge for hosting a media day for these first timers to explore their wet and dry activities. Written by Julie S. 
My family had been talking non-stop about our upcoming visit to Great Wolf Lodge. So when my youngest daughter referred to it unknowingly as the “Grateful Lodge,” I had to chuckle. Yet walking out of GWL after such a fun day, that’s exactly how we felt:  grateful! It’s a wonderful mix of the classic water park resort paired with “dry” activities at every turn:  Arcade, 3-D movies, a virtual game played all over the resort called Magiquest and a neat ropes/zip line course AND much more we didn’t even get to!
Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge

Our First timers tips for fun at Great Wolf Lodge:

  • Relax and let them be kids:  As the general manager said, “This place is all about kids!” So let them lead you around the facility AND don’t worry if they run into the lobby with their wet suits on. No one will say a word! Kids run around the floors playing Magiquest while you may find the staff painting faces in the lobby.

Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge

  • Take a break from the Water Park with Many Dry Activities: Even the mermaids in your family might like a break from the water park. GWL now offers many dry activities the kids will be just as thrilled about. Dry activities include: MagiQuest game, Great Wolf Kids Creation Station with Clubhouse, Howlers Peak Ropes Course, Ten Paw  Bowling Alley, and Arcade

Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge

  • Consider a Paw Pass, Wolf Pass or Pup Pass:  These bundled offers allowed my kids to try things we may have overlooked including an unexpected family favorite:  a five minute movie with 3-D glasses in their XD Theater. It ends up being much cheaper than buying things a la carte and they loved all the variety of options! Check your local GWL as package prices and activities may vary.

Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge

  • Enjoy the Inner-Tube water park rides as a family:  We waited in a long line for  their “rollercoaster” equivalent inner tube ride, but it has height restrictions and was over quickly! Even my thrill-seeking nine year old seemed just as pleased with the inner tube rides we could all do as a family called Alberta Falls and River Canyon Run. We’d try these ones first next time!
  • Treat yourself:  GWL has their own in-house pastry chef and my kids couldn’t help notice all the beautifully decorated treats they had! After all the energy they’ve expended, a treat at the end of the day is a must!

Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge

Tips for Planning your Great Wolf Lodge Trip:

Last night we discussed our favorite activity of the summer and GWL topped all three kids’ list! We will definitely be back to the Grateful Lodge, I mean Great Wolf Lodge. Be sure to check out our Tips on Surviving Water Parks With Kids
What Dry activities would your family be most excited about? Be sure to pin this as a reference when you are ready to plan your next family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge. Plus check out tips for taking a Tween trip to Great Wolf Lodge. 
Newbie guide to Great Wolf Lodge