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You have packed the bathing suits, toothpaste and an extra pair of shoes, but I bet you have forgotten to back some of the most important items to avoid trying to find a pharmacy at your vacation destination.

Here are some first aid supplies to take on any vacation that we hope you won’t have to use but it does not cost much and you’ll be relieved at 1:00 AM when your child wakes up with a fever or someone falls and scrapes their knee on a hike that you have some of these supplies.  Be sure to enter the $100 Food Lion Gift Card at the bottom this post!


First Aid Supplies To Take On Any Vacation

Being prepared for family travel is a must. Even if you are flying these few items will not take up much space so when you don’t use them you won’t be bummed you packed them in your suitcase.

First Aid Supplies To Take On Any Vacation

What to pack in your travel first aid kit:

  • Bandaids: an obvious choice that we often forget. There are plenty of varieties so consider waterproof ones if you are headed somewhere you will be active in the water. Plus band-aids don’t take up any space. If you doing a lot of walking bandaids will come to the rescue if you get blisters.
  • Triple Antibiotic lotion:  A must to keep even the smallest scrape or cut clean
  • Allergy Medicine:  Just because your allergy season may be over, does not mean your destination won’t have something that triggers your allergies. Also good for any mild irritations from food or bug bites
  • Fever/ Pain Medications:  Whether you take a longer hike than expected or your child comes down with a fever, having a supply of ibuprofen or acetaminophen will be welcome.
  • Essential Oils:  If you use them at home, you might want to pack some lavender to help with sleep or reduce the stress of traveling
  • Suntan lotion: This might be obvious but even if you are headed to a big city, you will be exposed to more sun than you think.
  • Natural Tears: Traveling can dry out your eyes and there is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with dry eyes. They work great if someone gets sand in their eyes as well

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First Aid Supplies To Take On Any Vacation

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  • First Aid Supplies To Take On Any Vacation

I keep all my first aid supplies I travel in a TSA approved bag so I can easily pack it in my carry on if I am not checking luggage. This is obviously not a complete list of what you will need as every destination and family has individual needs. I hope you will use this as a guideline so a paper cut on an airplane won’t ruin your vacation.

First Aid Supplies To Take On Any Vacation

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