Road trips are something this family has been doing for a while.  One year we drove the entire East coast with a car of teens.  Road trips with teens can be tricky but  here are our Essential Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Tweens and Teens


The time of technology can make you feel like an Uber driver if you don’t get your teen involved in the upcoming road trip   Here are some things you and your teen can do to make your time on the road more beneficial for everyone.

Tips for teen road trip



Top Tips for Teen Road Trips

Vacation Research and planning
Seating and Navigation
Electronics Used for Camera, Social Media & Entertainment
What To Pack
Teen Drivers
Find Time For Fun

Vacation Research and Planning 

The kids can google anything and probably go faster than us. Whether you are deciding where to travel or what activities to do while you are at your destination, get your teens involved.

Road trip planning can be daunting, so give one of your teens the task of finding interesting stops or restaurants along your route.

get teen involved road trip

If your teens are like mine, they have opinions and like to complain when they don’t like a choice we make while on vacation. Let them take some responsibility for decision making. Hopefully, they will learn that vacation planning is hard work.

Where to Sit and Help Navigate

How many of you feel like an Uber driver when it comes to your teens and tweens. On road trips, it is super helpful to have another person as a co-pilot. Have the teens take turns being your co-pilot and checking out the navigation.

teens on a road trip

I know we all have phones that tell us where to turn, but I like to know ahead of time and we know you should not be looking down at your phone while driving 70 on a high way.

By allowing your teens and tweens to get help to navigate, once again they are learning responsibility.
Some of the best conversations with my kids have been driving around. It is hard to really chat if they are sitting in the back seat

Electronics Used for Camera, Social Media & Entertainment

Since the kids are older now, they each have their own device so having to pick out a movie everyone is excited to watch is no longer an issue. However, teenagers may never take their heads out of their phones when they are on a road trip.

Be sure to set limits for your teens on electronic use and encourage them to only use it for photos or to help with navigation.

What to Pack

SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS. Did I mention that you should pack a lot of snacks for teens? I mean if you have a carful of teens in the car, you can pretty much assume they will be begging for something to eat before you hit the interstate in your town.


Teen Drivers.

My husband does not like my new drivers to ever get behind the wheel when it comes to driving the entire family on a road trip. I think giving them some time on a strip of road that you know is not very busy empowers them and gives you a break.


teen road trip

That is the only advice I have for you here, as that is a very personal decision

Find Time to Explore and Have Fun

Granted it is always easier to stay on the route to get to your destination. If your teen helped you plan out your road trip, did he find any cool attractions to stop at on the way or maybe yelped some delicious restaurants that you can’t miss?

Making time for fun is an essential road trip with teens tip.

What Tips Do You have for Taking Road Trips with Teens?