I have skied a few times in my life, I wouldn’t say I was very good at all. I was tentative about a recent ski trip to Deer Valley Resort with my husband. I think I was most nervous about falling down and breaking something.

I am not getting any younger and I have fallen before. Well, Deer Valley truly turned my attitude about skiing. The service and the amenities that you are provided as a guest is outstanding. We stayed at the Stein Eriksen Ski Lodge and I don’t think I ever touched my skis except when I took them off for lunch. Stein Eriksen Lodge is a 5 star resort and it feels like one.

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Deer Valley Ski Resort Review

FIRST CLASS SERVICE: From getting fitted in the ski shop to finishing up for the day, the employees are amazing and we very patient with my inexperience and nervousness.

I have never had such amazing service during a ski trip. Literally you can sit near your ski locker and wait for someone to help with your books and grab your skis so they are awaiting you outside.

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Deer Valley Resort FOOD:

The food is also amazing at the hotels and ski lodges along the 112 slopes. We really loved the Deer Valley Turkey Chili. I need to find the recipe for that.

It was filling and flavorful coming off a few hours of skiing. The fireside dinner was also an experience I would recommend to anyone visiting the area. We also had a few wonderful meals in Park City, just down the hill from Deer Valley.


Where to stay at Deer Valley Resort

Stein Eriksen Lodge: Some of the amenities of the Stein Eriksen Lodge include, access to free fitness classes and the spa. There is not a daily charge to use the hot tubs and spa locker room. I found the steam room was just what these old bones needed after a day of skiing.

I also took a pilates and yoga class that were amazing. (Almost private as the largest class consisted of 3 people).

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Tips for Visiting Deer Valley or any Ski Resort

Drink plenty of water when you are visiting Deer Valley and it is available everywhere. Including your room. Our hotel room was modest but had a communal washer and dryer which was great to be able to bring home clean clothes.

Deer Valley Ski School

I also was involved in a group lesson while I was there. Once again the group was often only 3 of us and sometimes only myself. How could you not enjoy skiing when you have an instructor with you to show you the ropes. Most of the ski teachers have been there for over 10 years, which suggests they are treated right.

Other things to do in Deer Valley:

Dog Sledding

Not everyone in your family will want to ski all the time. There are plenty of activities in Deer Valley from snowshoeing, sledding and cross country skiing. We even went dog sledding for an afternoon which was a fun experience.

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There are outfitters in the Park City Area who will take you out for a snowshoe tour, or you can rent them and explore on your own

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Great for Kids: I have heard the kids programs are wonderful at Deer Valley as well. There were plenty of kids there but since this was a business trip, I was not too interested in what they were doing.

I am hopeful I can bring the kids back to enjoy Deer Valley as it was easy to get to, only about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, the food was great, the instruction, accommodations and overall amenities.

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Where is your favorite place to ski?

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