This has been the summer of new adventures for our family. Between Hershey Park, a new bowling venue and now the one place that has been on my kids bucket list for 4 years, a trip to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. We were invited to Mommy and Me Meet Up in collaboration with Mom Central Founder and CEO Stacy DeBroff. Mommy’s first blog conference was on of my children’s responses to this invite! This proved to be a great opportunity to converse with other moms about fun ways to get kids outside to play, enjoy a kid-friendly breakfast buffet, animal ambassador encounters, interactive presentations and more.

buschgardens 2

During the 1 1/2 hour session before the kids were released to explore Busch Gardens I learned that this is not just an amusement park but a classroom as well. Beyond the beautifully landscaped grounds are learning opportunities for you and your family. The emphasis was on getting your child outside and having #naturalfun. I have talked about this generation being too attached to technology and missing the fun that comes “naturally”, not from something involving an iTouch or iPad.

busch gardens 1



sorry pics were not great with iphone in the dark setting.

 Did you know Busch Gardens actually offers Education Programs such as these:


They offer manuals, self guided tours and classes at the park.

Because the animals live there year round, you are able to visit Busch Gardens year round for educaitonal programing. Most of their animals are adopted as well. You can see the talents of the Busch Gardens staff with their cute show, Animal Shenannigans.
Unlike other amusement parks, I did feel this park was more of a classroom. Not only are you learning a little bit about each country the park is broken into but there are stops all along the way to stop and learn something or catch a show.

What a great rescourse for homeschooling or teachers who want to teach outside the classroom.

busch gardens 3

I was most impressed with the Elmo area for preschoolers and young at heart. My kids were all “short enough” to ride everything here and the lines were short. Who says you can’t be a Sesame Street fan after preschool years. Too cute.

The rides were good, any too tall for our entire group so I sat out a lot with my youngest. I am not complaining!! I was also impressed with the food variety. Because the park is broken into countries, you really get more of a variety than corn dogs and funnel cakes. There are themed food courts in each country offering selections far beyond what you would expect. Here they are on the Escape from Pompeii, they are in the row of kids ducking!!


My son had such a good time he wrote a thank you note to the PR group!! A great summer “educational” exercise. People hardly write notes anymore!


Check out Busch Gardens now for seasonal promotions like the summer fun pass that will keep you going again and again knowing this is a educational playground for all ages!! Despite them not wanting to leave, they were exhausted.

What is your favorite #NaturalFun Activity? Would you bring your homeschooling group to Busch Gardens?