As a Busch Gardens Thrill Seeker I was provided tickets to the opening day of Christmas Town. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Need help getting into the Christmas Mood, head to Busch Gardens Christmas Town. This is our second year going, due to the polar Vortex it was about 40 degrees colder which making it feel like Christmas Town more believable.

I thought my kids would not be as memorized as they were our first year, but they still immediately were drawn into the Christmas mood. this year they had several photo kiosks with some favorite hosts like a snowman, Penelope the penguin and The Coca-cola polar beer. Be sure and sign up for Photo-Key before you head to the park so you can collect all your photos in one place.


This year is was super cold but no worries there are plenty of places to grab some of Busch Gardens Christmas Town’s  signature hot chocolate




Photokey is a brand-new program we are offering here at the park. Please take the opportunity to visit and set up an account
Christmas Town PhotoKey Premium Membership
$50 Pass Members
$60 Non-Members
This product includes digital copies of all photos taken in the park (see location list below).
Does NOT include Antique Photo related products.
PhotoKey membership will includes 50% off of photo packages at the photo shop locations including Santa’s Workshop and Santa’s Fireside Feast photo packages.
Add on prints are $5 per print.


We were the first group to experience this new application and although they we having some technical issues, I was excited to come home to look at the photos instead of having to decide on the spot if I wanted to purchase a photo.

Be sure to find great photo opps at
Front Gate Photo (Fountain)
Highland Stables (Scotland)
Polar Pictures (Polar Pathway in Italy)
Frosty Friend Photo (Festa Italia)
Christmas Carriage (Big Ben in England)
O Tannenbaum (Oktoberfest)
Verbolten (Oktoberfest)
Pierre & Penelope Photo (France)
Photo with Santa at Santa’s Workshop
Santa’ Fireside (Castle O’ Sullivan)

Photokey also has an app that you can use to receive all your photos digitally while you are at the park and share them on your own social media channels.

To learn more about what Busch Gardens t Christmas Town has to offer check out our post about last year. 



You are never too old to visit Santa. Grab your tickets now!