This post about Busch Garden Passes & Busch Garden Dealsis sponsored in part by my role as a Busch Gardens Ambassador. Even though the snow will not cease and the temperatures in Central VA can go from 70 to 30 Degrees,

Busch Gardens Williamsburg officially opened on the 16th of March. Be sure and check their website for official hours as it is not open regularly every day quite yet. I am excited to announce that Close to Home was chosen as a Busch Gardens Thrill Chasers Ambassador.

My kids could not be more excited because we had not stepped into  Busch Gardens until my first blog invite. I had always assumed it was a concrete jungle and not excited to go. Well, that was my naivety and not knowing it has been voted the most beautiful amusement park for 23 consecutive years.

So what are you waiting for reading on for some Busch Garden Passes & Deals ?


Photo taken via B.G. app.

Busch Garden Passes:

If you are a thrill chaser that wants to enjoy Busch Gardens for an entire year, you should definitely buy yourself a Busch Gardens annual pass. Currently $120 or $10 a month  With an annual pass you get  unlimited admission to Busch Gardens, and for a higher fee , Water Country USA too, (currently $168 or $14 a month)

Also included in your Busch Garden Annual Pass:

  • Free parking. For $15 a visit that adds up
  • Bring a friend for free (see date restrictions)
  • You can buy discounted tickets for friends and family
  • 1o% discount on food and purchases
  • Preview days and special
  • Discounts on special tours
  • All for about $10 a month
  • Howl-O- Scream access
  • Discounted tickets to Christmas town

If you are more of a summer visitor or maybe live a little farther but plan on coming more than once this season,  consider the Busch Gardens FUN CARD 

  • Cost is $72 for unlimited access to Busch Gardens through Sept 1  (A one day undiscounted pass is $67)
  • Buy the Fun Card before March 31st and get Water Country USA for FREE for the season

Preschool Passes

If you have preschoolers, they can come for FREE  to both Parks for the summer season with the PRESCHOOL PASS.


  • Busch Garden Passes

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virgina. Visit our website for loads of Disney Character pictures and information!

  • The 2-Park Preschool Pass offers unlimited admission to Busch Gardens® Williamsburg and Water Country USA® for kids ages 3 – 5, through September 1, 2014.
  • Proof of age is required for the child to be eligible for the 2-Park Preschool Pass.
  • Must be registered and redeemed b/f MAY 31st, 2014.
  • Sesame Street Forest Anniversary event is in April.

Best Busch Gardens deals for Spring and Summer visitors:

You may want to have the person who will most likely take your family to the park each time get an Annual Pass so you can save on parking and food each visit. Parking alone will pay off in about 3 visits with the one park annual pass and in 6 visits for the Dual Park annual pass.

You may not be thinking summer quite yet but Spring into Fun as they have many exciting events happening before the kids even get out of school. Assuming they do before July! You can even visit the Easter Bunny.

Don’t wait for the weather to fully warm up because some of these Busch Gardens Deals will be cooled off by then.