What our parents wouldn’t have done to have some of these travel apps on hand when we took family road trips as kids! Instead, they used the old-fashioned travel atlas, and of course the classic AAA Trip Tac. No GPS and no review app to direct them to the right hotel or restaurant. Instead, they planned using maps, personal recommendations, or sometimes just winging it upon arrival.

The days with the husband who is too scared to ask for directions are over,  they just enter the destination on their smartphones and let the phone lead the way. Life has become so easy for people to travel and they don’t necessarily need to speak to any of the locals. So what are the best travel apps for family travel? I am here to tell you about our top picks and you probably have most already downloaded on your phone. Traveling with Kids? Here are our Top Tips For Surviving Family Vacations

Travel Apps are the must-have of family vacations! Check out our Top Travel Apps For Family Travel and meet your travel needs at the touch of a finger!

Top Travel Apps For Family Travel

No matter if you are flying or driving to your next travel destination here are some of the best travel apps we recommend for family travel this year!

Google Maps or Waze:  These travel apps are helpful when telling you about traffic and alternative routes. You car may have a GPS but if it’s not been upgraded it may take you a way that does not include some of the new roads built since it was installed.

Gas Buddy :  As long as you are not driving with the gas light flashing you can probably spare to drive a few more miles to another exit to get the best gas price. You will always pay more off the highway but why not save a few dollars. Make note that Gas Buddy often shows the lowest price that is for cash purchases only. You may need to stop at an ATM or keep cash on hand for gas purchases when you travel.

Amazon Video or Music Apps:  If you are a Amazon prime member, you can download videos and music and listen to them on the road. If you have a USB outlet in your car it will stream in the car. We also really like Spotify. If you can’t agree on what music to listen to, just hand out earbuds and make everyone listen to their own device!

YELP: Hungry, tired passengers are no fun. Be sure to find the best restaurants along your route and at your destination by reading other customer reviews.

Hotel Tonight: It is taking you longer than expected to get somewhere and you need to spend the night. You will want this great choice in travel apps to locate hotels with rooms available.

Sunday Drives : Don’t forget the kids: This app points out scenic routes, historical landmarks, fun restaurants and hidden local gems along your route.

Your Airline Apps: Most airlines have an app that will notify you of any gate changes, delays etc. Be sure to have this on hand for your specific airline.

Weather Channel : Know what to pack by seeking out the 10-day forecast for your destination. It’s also great for keeping you up to date on last minute weather changes throughout your visit.

CityGuides : TripAdvisor Offline City Guides pairs maps and suggestions for where to visit, shop, and eat together. You can download offline maps for your cities of choice, too. The app does not automatically install the maps locally (to save space on your iPhone), so just remember to download what you need before you leave an area with a Wi-Fi connection.

Instagram is also a great app to provide a location to your pictures. How often do you take a photo and 1 year from now forget where it was. Plus friends and family might like seeing your adventures.

iCarPark: Reminds you exactly where you parked on a map for easy locating, and also keeps track of time if you have a meter running (If you are parking at an airport just take a photo of the parking garage locator)

Use our favorite travel apps to make sure your next family vacation is a great experience for everyone. There is no need to get lost, feel frustrated, or left without options when you have so many amazing options at your fingertips!

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