Air mattresses have come a long way from simply being temporary beds for guests. They now come in a variety of sizes, types and inflation options for every purpose. One of the top reasons why the air mattress has grown in popularity over the years is its portability – you can take it along with you wherever you go. Many people who love going on adventures outdoors swear by it, for even though they do like communing with nature, they also want to have a comfortable surface to sleep on at the end of the day. An air mattress fits the bill nicely.

Which Kinds of Air Mattresses Are Best Suited for Traveling


Even if you’re not roughing it out in the wild somewhere, traveling to different places may necessitate stopping over somewhere to sleep. And while you may have a sleeping bag or a camping mat, you may not feel totally comfortable – you may even wake up with pain in your back, shoulders or hips.


If you are planning to go on a road trip, go camping or backpacking, make a quick visit to grandma’s or simply see where your feet (or car) may lead you, having an air mattress will surely make sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings easier and more comfortable.


Top considerations when looking for an air mattress for traveling

  • How and how quickly the mattress is inflated – some air mattresses are inflated using external hand pumps while others have an internal pump and require an AC outlet. Hand pumps are usually powered by 4D batteries or rechargeable batteries. Air mattresses may also be self-inflatable – these are deemed the most convenient and easy to use. Some models can also be filled with air manually using a foot pump.


  • The materials used – air mattresses used outdoors or brought along trips are subjected to the most wear and tear. It’s important that the mattress you choose is made of durable, heavy-duty and high-quality materials and is designed to be used in rough conditions. Look for mattresses with puncture-resistant PVC and other tough materials so you won’t have to worry too much about rocks, thorns and other sharp objects making your bed go pfft.


  • Who will use it – choose an air mattress according to the number and the combined weight of people who will be using it. For instance, twin mattresses usually support up to 300 pounds. If two or more people will be sharing a bed, it’s best to get a bigger mattress.


  • How portable and compact it is – how much does the air mattress weigh when folded up and is it easy to carry? For many travelers, space and weight may be an issue so it’s important that the air mattress they use is lightweight and compact. If you have a car, then it’s fine to go with something a bit on the heavier side, or something with a frame. But if you’re commuting or backpacking, you surely wouldn’t want to be carrying a lot of heavy gear, so choose carefully.


Best-for-travel air mattresses

  • Truck bed air mattresses – these mattresses are designed for use with a flatbed truck. They have cutouts on the left and right sides so that they can be fitted around a truck’s wheel wells. These air mattresses come in a variety of sizes to fit any truck bed size.


  • Backseat air mattress for cars and SUVs – if you are traveling by car and would rather not have to look for a motel or an inn every night, you can sleep comfortably in the backseat of your vehicle using an air mattress that’s designed exactly for that purpose. There are also air mattress models that fit snugly in the boot of an SUV.


  • Camping mattresses – there are air mattresses that are specially designed for use in the great outdoors. These mattresses are made using extra thick materials, making them less prone to puncture from ground debris, thorns, and other sharp objects.


  • Raised air mattresses – these air mattresses are taller and keep you higher off the ground. Many raised air mattresses, however, are designed for indoor use, which means they should be fine when used in a tent but not for direct contact with the ground.


  • Air mattresses with frame – some air mattresses come with a metal frame for added height. These mattresses are good for travelers who have their own car as the frame may be bulky.


What type of Air Mattresses do you use for Traveling?

As you can see, there are many different kinds of air mattresses you can use when you’re traveling. The best kind to use for your trips would depend on your personal needs and preferences as well as the power supply you will have access to, so consider your options carefully. Happy travels!