When searching for a location to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary, my husband and I had agreed to look into the beautiful pink beaches of Bermuda Island.  We have been talking about going there for a few years, but other couples vacations won like Turks and Caicos and Belize.


couples getaway bermuda island

Our goal for our couples vacation was a nice resort with access to Bermuda’s pink beaches and plenty of included activities at the resort. We found the Rosewood Bermuda and booked our room and flights.

Bermuda Island Couples Getaway 

When is High Season In Bermuda

The high season typically starts in April and runs until after Labor Day into October.  When we asked some of the folks at the Rosewood, they said typically things slow down after Labor Day.  This is the time when the weather is at its best.

The day temperature averages to high 80s (°F) and at night it comes down to high 60s. The mornings are great and warm, the evenings are romantic and the nights are cool. 


What is weather like in December in Bermuda 

You can find the best deals at hotels in December when the water is too cold but you might still be able to lay in the sun at the pool.   

Bermuda Weather November-February

Temperatures rarely dip below 60 degree Fahrenheit, but that means it’s still too cold for swimming at the beach. However, if golf is more your sport, you will get a mild discount for traveling at this time. You should be able to find rooms for less than $200 a night, which is practically a steal for Bermuda.


couples getaway to Bermuda islandFinding Nonstop flights to Bermuda. 

Since we were still in the high season for Bermuda which ends after Labor Day we found that people could fly direct from Atlanta, Boston and New York mainly. We assumed we would have two flights from Richmond, but thought maybe Charolette was still an option. 

Our Thoughts of A Couples Getaway In Bermuda at the Rosewood

couples getaway bermuda island rosewood

Kids Kids Kids.  Did I mention that it was our 20th anniversary and we were traveling without our teenagers and for a reason?   We were shocked at the number of kids, mostly babies and preschool-aged that were traveling Labor Day Weekend considering the price of the hotel room and the costs of meals there. 


couples getaway bermuda island rosewood

Not only that, but the hotel put us in between two rooms with babies.  Not a smooth move when we were woken in the middle of the night, two nights of the 4-night stay to a screaming baby. 


couples getaway bermuda island rosewood



We did not say anything the first night thinking maybe it was a fluke and really what could they do as we were already unpacked and settled in our room.  The baby took a day off and then our final night did it again.   


I don’t fault the parents completely because we have all been there but they did let that baby cry longer than I would feel comfortable at a hotel.  



The food was decent on the island as we were warned, remember everything is imported, its an island. 

The Beverages were great, especially the classic Bermuda Dark and Stormy. 


dark and stormy bermuda island

We loved the ocean the most. Since there is a reef surrounding the beaches in a lot of places, the sharks don’t usually come near shore.  It was great for paddleboarding, kayaking during low tide to hidden beaches and breaking the waves at the beach of the Rosewood. 


Here is our view from the Beach Club Restaurant at the Rosewood.


couples getaway bermuda island rosewood beach club

Rose’ is another popular beverage in Bermuda.


Fly Fishing in Bermuda


Bonefish are not as prevalent as they were in Belize.  We hired Jump Dem Bones, the only fly fishing outfit in Bermuda and had an ok day. 

fly fishing in Bermuda

I used a spin rod and got some fish and my husband caught some species he had never caught on a fly before so we had a great day on the water seeing more of the island. 

fishing in bermuda


Would we go back to Bermuda Island? We definitely would, the people and the water is amazing.  WE might try somewhere else first but know that beautiful island is waiting for us.