You may have found me through my original blog, Staying Close to Home or maybe you just found a travel post you wanted to read more about. Thanks for stopping by and here is a little more about me. 

 I have always enjoyed traveling and got that passion from my parents.  I remember being left with a grandparent several times throughout my childhood,  while they traveled the world. They enjoyed cruising mainly, but warm destinations were their favorite.  

Of course, they included my siblings and me on many family vacations as well.  Disney World and Cruises were high on their lists, but we explored many tropical destinations together. 

In college, I spent a semester abroad in England.  On the weekends we would explore a nearby destination but after I finished my school work, I spent a month doing Europe in a month like a typical 21-year-old. 


Fast Forward to the present and having kids: When we had a young family, our vacations were more low key and not much moving around to different hotels, etc.  Who wants to shlep all that gear. 

Now that the kids are older, and should be able to pack for themselves,  we have found traveling more exciting. Here at Longs on the Fly we also share some great travel locations we have gone as a family, as a couple and with girlfriends.


Family Vacations


Family Travel should not be stressful, but let’s admit it sometimes you are just a mom in a different zip code.  Finding locations that everyone will find something they enjoy can be stressful and hopefully, we have shared some of our favorite family destinations that will provide you with some planning ideas for your next family vacation. 


Couples Travel


I value vacation time with my husband almost as much as with the family.  Finding time to get away as a couple is so important and we always come back refreshed and ready to tackle what is waiting for us at home.  We also are reminded why we are together in the first place, traveling as a couple is like dating again!


Girlfriend Getaways


Surprisingly as the kids get older it is harder to get away with my girlfriends.  It is so fun to get away and do girl things like Musicals, eating and just sitting around chatting.  More importantly what to pack for a girls getaway. Don’t forget to empty your purse of all things kids and be prepared for the girls’ weekend. 


My family is obsessed with fly fishing so you will get tips on vacations we have taken.  Most of these I am not behind the reel so you will get tips on what the non-anglers in your group can do as well

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Meet Julie Stribling:  Our Contributor

Julie is a military brat so if you ever want to get into a really long conversation, ask her where she’s from!  In 2016, she and her husband moved from Silicon Valley to Richmond, VA, seeking a simpler life.  They found it and are loving Richmond with their three daughters (ages 9, 7 and 5) and son (age 2).  Julie enjoys reading, yoga, soccer, and when her children nap!